Hiking in the Loch Awe Region : The Dalmally Horseshoe

Highland cow posing in front of the horseshoe ridge of Stob Diamh     Until this hike, we had always chosen our hikes in the same area. So this time, we decided to explore another place. Our plan was to do the Dalmally Horseshoe. The route included the ascent of Stob Diamh, a Munro located North of Loch Awe and south of Loch Etive. We were four people on the trip: my Slovakian neighbor and friend, my hiking buddy from Sweden and my mate from the French military. We met at the Buchanan Bus Station of Glasgow, and caught the first bus to Oban, around 7am. Today was going to be a good day!

Morning mist over Loch Fyne

Morning mist over Loch Fyne

On the road, between Tarbet and Inveraray

On the road, between Tarbet and Inveraray

Why you want to have good waterproof hiking boots

Why you would want to have good waterproof hiking boots

Highland cow posing in front of the horseshoe ridge of Stob Diamh

Highland cow posing in front of the horseshoe ridge of Stob Diamh

Stob Garbh from the hollow of Chreachainn

Stob Garbh from the hollow of Chreachainn

Stob Gabh from the ridge

The ridge to Sron an Isean

The ridge to Sron an Isean

Magnificent view on the Dalmally area

Magnificent view on the Dalmally area

Loch Lochain from Sron an Isean

Loch Lochain from Sron an Isean

View on the Cruachan reservoir and Loch Awe from the top of Stob Diamh

Loch Awe from Stob Garbh

Loch Awe from Stob Garbh

Stob Garbh, Stob Diamh and Sron an Isean from the valley

Loch Awe, the Cruachan reservoir and Ben Cruachan from the top of Stob Diamh

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80 Responses to Hiking in the Loch Awe Region : The Dalmally Horseshoe

  1. graham says:

    lovely photos
    graham whaite Dalmally Station

  2. love those pics, the highland cow is very cool

  3. Mack Hops says:

    favorite shot i’ve seen on here so far. Look at this little guy all camouflaged and everything. Very cool looking.

  4. Ryua Lia says:

    i’m in awe. speechless… i could look at the pictures and feel as if i was standing right there, where you stood when you took these pictures! :)

  5. Thomas Davis says:

    The names of the places in the photographs roll off the tongue and then are brought to life in clouds and sunshine by the camera’s lens. The animals are majestic framed by landscape that is magical and strobed with magic beneath the rocks and soil. Ah, did I ever enjoy this hike with you! Ahh, to be young again!

  6. Debby says:

    WOW!! A Beautiful photos, Great View locations..

  7. Great pix! Hiking’s the best way to know a region!
    And thanks for liking my “Lunch Time”!

  8. That is some serious hiking, and no Scottish rain either,lucky you!

  9. Anonymous says:

    Scotland is SO beautiful

  10. janeluriephotography says:

    Beautiful photos!

  11. asuka11 says:

    I am just wondering what this Highland cow is thinking at?

  12. Those photos are amazing. I’m impressed about the morning mist pictures. Those are sooo cool!

  13. Great photos! I could only imagine the experience. Looking forward to seeing the others.

  14. Louis says:

    These are superb photos. We once spent a holiday in a cottage on Loch Awe. It really is as special as your photos suggest. You capture a wonderful sense of atmosphere,space.and freedom.

  15. cassmob says:

    Absolutely gorgeous images of what is my ancestral country…Lochs Fyne & Awe. Sad to say I can’t imagine I’ll ever see this in reality -I’m getting puffed just looking at those mountains.

  16. eideard says:

    Nostalgia abounds. It’s been – let’s see – 37 years since last I was hillwalking in the region. Pleased to see nature unchanged.

  17. Jude says:

    I just absolutely love these pics Orel. But then I love Scotland. Haven’t done much hiking but I’ve done two motor-cycling trips – one as far as Cape Wrath. Also many diving trips including the Orkneys. I just adore the wild isolation. And deep-fried haggis in batter! You’ve got some wonderful pictures here.

    • Ahah! If you love motorcycling and love deep-fried haggis I’m sure you know the Real Food Cafe in Tyndrum?
      I discovered motorcycling just recently, and I wish I could do cycling trips in Canada or the US! I’ve done scuba diving once in Italy and it was marvelous. I hope I’ll have the chance to dive more in the future, hopefully as much as you did!

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  19. Annie says:

    Delicious scenery! Hope to get there someday!

  20. Wow – really stunning. It must have been breathtaking in person!

    • Orel Di Angelo says:

      To be honest I think this one was one of my less impressive hikes in Scotland (if I don’t take account of those I did in the fog), but it was still awesome! We had brought a netbook with us so when we came back to the village, we watched a movie in the pub with it!

  21. That’s some gorgeous country. Thanks for sharing it!!

  22. Monica says:

    Gorgeous pictures! I love the highland cow! I was looking for my beloved collies but didn’t see any. Maybe the next trip.

  23. catbird365 says:

    These photos are so wonderful. You make me want to go there. I really like the low lying fog and the colors of the grasses. Thank you for sharing your adventures.

  24. Scotland is on my list, Orel! Thanks for sharing your images. Until I can get there, I’ll visit via your blog post! ~Ruth

  25. Prashant says:

    Beautiful pictures….. Love them..

    glad you stopped by my blog and like it; do keep visiting!

  26. Pete says:

    In first place thanks to your visit to my site. In second this place is amazing, and you have nice photos from the same. The one i like more is the 11 st counting from the top of the post.

    Nice title for your blog. The backcountry are always a good place to go.

  27. jaygresh says:

    Gorgeous Photos! Happy New Year!

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  29. drawandshoot says:

    What beautiful places you are going! Great photography.

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  32. jakesprinter says:

    What i can say just thumbs up for this post :)

  33. Thanks for sharing this hike! I love the mist over the landscape; it’s always a beautiful thing to see.

  34. Alex says:

    sounds like a great trip and reminds me that i go much to less outdoors recently.

  35. Encore une jolie rando. Merci de nous faire découvrir l’écosse d’une autre façon que l’habituelle photo du pub ;)

  36. These are “postcard” amazing (I agree, they almost don’t look real), esp. the Morning Mist over Loch Fyne and I bet there’s nothing like a cooperative Highland Cow! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

  37. elizabethre says:

    Orel, I’d like to share your Mist over Loch Fyne on my blog. I’d of course link it to your bolg. Do I have your permission? Not a problem if you say no :)

  38. Orel Di Angelo says:

    Thanks everyone for your comments!

  39. Wonderful photos. Looking forward to Scotland!

  40. beingouthere says:

    Wonderful colours!! Did u get a new camera???

    • Orel Di Angelo says:

      Hey out there. No It’s still the same camera. The quality is even worse than on for the other trips, but looks like PS made its job :)

  41. Sanjana says:

    oh wow! these pictures are so beautiful… I almost can’t believe it’s real!

  42. themicah says:

    Beautiful shots, thanks for posting!

  43. elizabethre says:

    Stunning! You take some beautiful photos of my beloved country.

  44. Shiv says:

    That does it. Scotland next year for sure.

  45. Nice one Orel, and great images as usual!

  46. westerner54 says:

    Well, you’ve inspired me. We really need to get to Scotland….soon. Beautiful.

  47. Alex Autin says:

    Really amazing photographs Orel…WOW! As usual you make me want to be there, and feel almost as if I am. I could really use a hike like this….so badly! Thanks for sharing it!

    • Orel Di Angelo says:

      I have to admit it, it’s definitely not the best hike I’ve done for its scenery :D. But some photos where worth sharing, I think.

  48. Amazing photos! What incredible views! Great job.

  49. schietree says:

    Love that view of Loch Awe with the cloud scuffing across.

    • Orel Di Angelo says:

      Yes! It’s my favorite. The first picture of Loch Fyne isn’t really good cuz I was in the bus but the landscape was wonderful with the mist over the lake. I think it’s my second favorite!

  50. Jona Bering | Backpacking with a Book says:

    wow! want to hike here someday

  51. Miles says:

    Amazing views :-) thanks for sharing!

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