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From Canada to the United States of America

     I am in Montreal, Quebec. It’s a Saturday, it’s 8pm, and it’s crazy hot outside. There’s a big festival in town and the streets are packed. My brother and I arrive at the station, which looks more like a … Continue reading

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Road Trip to Tadoussac, QC

     A road trip to Tadoussac, this was our plan to celebrate my first week-end in the New World. We were so anxious to leave that we didn’t even waste time creating a detailed itinerary. We had heard about the … Continue reading

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Canoe Trip in Canada

     I’ve always liked the concept of canoeing down a river. Since I’ve seen the classic movie Deliverance earlier this year, I seriously began to consider having such an adventure.  Not that I  especially wanted to experience being chased by … Continue reading

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